Working Together

The Relationship

Often during loss and transition, we find ourselves in new terrain and we’re challenged with deep self-exploration. Investigating who we are, at the core, is not for the faint of heart. Wisely, we turn to different people and groups to help steady ourselves. But sometimes we need additional support. Sharing personal narrative with a skilled listener decreases isolation and enhances clarity as old wounds heal. The healing relationship between a psychotherapist and client includes:

  • Objectivity in a safe environment
  • A non-judgmental view under all circumstances
  • Active collaboration to find the best approach
  • Warmth and caring
  • A sense of humor, when appropriate
  • Honesty, clarity and guidance

divider1Guided Awareness

Being curious helps us heal. Shining a gentle light on emotions and beliefs illuminates what holds us back and helps us understand how we can move forward. Through collaborative inquiry, we prompt discovery, build self-awareness and encourage further growth. Questions might include:

  • How does it feel right now in the present moment?
  • What am I learning from this experience?
  • What is most important?
  • Am I responding with truth in my relationships under all circumstances?
  • Are my actions and thoughts nurturing of myself and of others?
  • Am I able to give genuinely to others and to receive in return?

divider3Compassionate Insight

Self-compassion is required on this journey. The natural world is always changing.  As ice becomes a trickling stream during springtime thaw, our conditioned and fixed beliefs will melt, too. Psychotherapy helps loosen these often negative self-perceptions, along with frequent judgment of others. The result is greater self-love. Benefits include:

  • A greater capacity to listen and respond lovingly in relationships
  • Less reactivity in difficult circumstances
  • More satisfaction in different roles with family, friends and at work
  • Smoother life transitions
  • Enhanced decision clarity by tapping into intuitions
  • An appreciation for the innate goodness in ourselves and others